Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just been put on the Construction List

Some great news today where our bank has finally sent the Letter of Commencement to MJH. MJH has confirmed we have just been placed on the construction list so pegging will occur within 20 days. Very excited!!!!


  1. Very exciting! Have they told you how long they expect the build to take? I wasn't sure when we would get advised of this.

  2. I believe its something like 186 days and this is written in the contract (no-one has discussed it with me but i did read it somewhere in our paperwork). The "timer" starts when they peg out the site which will happen before the 20 days they quote before they start building (20 days from being put on the construction list)

  3. Thanks - I know the promotional material said between 4-6mths. I assumed 6mths so my expectations weren't too high :)