Thursday, March 1, 2012

Electricals Booked for 8th March

We are expecting counter signed contracts with DA (through private certifier) this week with electrical appointment on the 8th... Really not sure what to expect but ive looked at some of the packages which include Ducted vacuum which im not interested in at all. Wonder if they will split items out as i do want alarm.. Also dont know what else i want to spend money on, friends have said get cat 6 throughout.. Dont even know what that means lol


  1. Great news!

    The lady didn't even offer us any of the upgrades. We weren't really keen on any of them anyway, but she wasn't really much of a sales person!

    We're thinking of getting an alarm done later plus the heater fan lights in bathrooms and dimmers/switch upgrades through our sparky. Got heaps of extra power points and TV points - decided to get antenna later as we thought the price was way too dear.

    Dee :)

  2. yeah we definately want extra power points, tv points and i guess we want telstra line into the house as well. Oh and we are putting in a pool so i guess we need some power to the outside for it.. hmm also need to think about the shed we want to build when we save up some more money.. that will need power too.. i can see us spending quite a bit :(

  3. When you figure out what it all means please share!